Icewind Dale 2 game cheats


1. To use cheating, first run Iwd2’s Config.exe and activate the cheat mode, and then press [Ctrl] + [Tab] in the game to enter the cheat mode. There is an input box at the bottom, and then type any of the following letters Activation secrets:

ctrlaltdelete:hans(): Teleport the currently selected character to the specified location

ctrlaltdelete:midas(): get 500 gold

ctrlaltdelete:addgold([number]): get the specified amount of money

ctrlaltdelete:explorearea(): the current area map is all bright

ctrlaltdelete:setcurrentxp([number]): Assign experience value to the currently selected character

ctrlaltdelete:setchapter([0-6]): skip the game to the specified chapter (the prologue is chapter 0)   ctrlaltdelete:movetoarea(“AR[number]”): skip to the specified map (see the data folder under Disc 2, There are names of relevant areas)

ctrlaltdelete:createitem(“[item name]”,[number]): Produce a specified number of specified items

ctrlaltdelete:createcreature(“[creature number]”): Produce a specified number of any monster

ctrlaltdelete:addspell(“[spell name]”): The selected character learns the specified magic

ctrlaltdelete:enablecheatkeys(): Allows the use of shortcut keys to activate secrets in the game

2. After using “ctrlaltdelete:enablecheatkeys()” to activate the trick, press the following key combination to activate the corresponding trick:

[Ctrl] + C: Replay the chapter plot

[Ctrl] + J: Move the team to the specified location

[Ctrl] + Y: Kill the selected target.

[Ctrl] + K: Kill the selected monster or expel the team member

[Ctrl] + R: Heal the selected character

[Ctrl] + U: get any experience value,br>


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