Red Dead Redemption 2 PC version game cheats


How to use cheat codes

· Pause the game, click “Settings”, and then enter the “Cheats” menu.

· Enter the cheat code below.

· After entering the password, you will receive a message confirming that you have turned on cheating. If you save the game, there is no need to enter it again later.

· After entering the password, you can turn off or on the cheating function in the “Cheats” menu at any time.

Cheat code

No newspaper needed

· A simple life, a beautiful death

Effect: Basic weapons (obtain some basic weapons)

· Death is silence

Effect: melee weapons (obtain some melee weapons-machete, normal/improved/poisoned throwing knife, battle axe, throwing battle axe)

· History is written by fools

Effect: Gangster weapon (obtained a secondary pistol holster, double-action revolver, Schofield revolver, double-barreled shotgun)

· Greed is now a virtue

Effect: Get $500

· Vanity. All is vanity

Effect: have all the clothes (unlock all the clothes in Arthur’s wardrobe)

· Eat of Knowledge

Effect: Learn all recipes (learn all recipes that can be made)

· Share

Effect: Obtain all camp upgrade items (unlock all upgrades of the ledger and increase the supplies to the maximum)

· You revel in your disgrace, I see

Effect: Reduce the honor value (reduce the honor value to the lowest)

· Balance. All is balance

Effect: Reset honor value (reset your honor value to an intermediate state)

· Be greedy only for foresight

Effect: Eye of Infinite Death

· Guide me better

Effect: Set the level of the eye of death (1) (after opening the eye of death, the target will be automatically marked)

· Make me better

Effect: Set the level of the eye of death (2) (you can manually mark the target after opening the eye of death)

· I shall be better

Effect: Set the level of the eye of death (3) (the eye of death can still be maintained after firing)

· I still seek more

Effect: Set the level of the eye of death (4) (when the eye of death is opened, the deadly part of the enemy will be highlighted)

· I seek and I find

Effect: Set the level of the eye of death (5) (when the eye of death is opened, the fatal and crit parts of the enemy will be highlighted)

· You flourish before you die

Effect: Fill up the “Life”, “Endurance” and “Dead Eye” bars (completely restore all “Life”, “Endurance” and “Dead Eye” values)

· Seek all the bounty of this place

Effect: Increase life, stamina and dead eye level

· Better than my dog

Effect: Increase the range of the whistle (you can exhale horses at any distance)

· A fool on command

effect: enter a drunk state

· Run! Run! Run!

Effect: Generate a racehorse

· My kingdom is a horse

Effect: Increase your intimacy with horses (increase your intimacy with all horses you own)

· The best of the old ways

Effect: Generate a stagecoach

· Keep your dreams simple

Effect: Generate a four-wheeled carriage

· You want more than you have

Effect: Generate an elite horse (produce a rose gray Arabian horse)

· You want something new

Effect: Randomly generate a horse (generate a horse of random type and coat color)

· Keep your dreams light

Effect: Generate a two-wheeled carriage

· You want punishment

Effect: Increase the current wanted level

· You want freedom

Effect: Lower the current wanted level

· You want everyone to go away

Effect: Clear all the rewards for you and close the blocked area (eliminate the wanted status and rewards everywhere)

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