Imperator Rome game cheats

Press ~ key (the one on the left of key 1) to call out the console:

(“[]” do not enter)

Help——Display all codes, note that some input may pop out later.

Cash [quantity]——add [quantity] yuan, if you don’t write the quantity, it is 5000 yuan.

Manpower [quantity]——add [quantity]k manpower, for example, manpower 2 is to add 2000 manpower, and if not, it means 100k.

Power [quantity]——add all points of [quantity], if you don’t fill in the quantity, you will add 1000.

Debug_mode——debug mode, provides more information in the mouse pointer prompt, such as role ID, country code and province code. The following cheats are needed.

Annex [country code]-directly annex the specified country, and pop up the disposal event (hanging the street light or turning it off or spare your life), for example annex etr is annexing Etruria.

Tag [country code]-shift files, play the designated country, for example, if you want to change to Carthage, enter tag car.

Army [quantity] [province code]-summon a specified number (thousands) of troops in a specified province, for example, adding 12k troops in Byzantium is army 12 1453 (maybe you can change the arms, but I haven’t studied it yet).

Conquer [province code]-occupy the designated province.

Kill [Character ID]-Kill the specified character.

Make_child [mother ID] [father ID]-give birth to a child, which is different from pollinate of CK2 in that it is born directly and there is no pregnancy process.

Navy [quantity] [province code]-summon a specified number of ships in a specified province, pay attention to coastal provinces.

Civil_war [country code]-Start a civil war in the designated country.

Horde [Province code]-Summon barbarians in the specified code.

Tyranny [number]-increase the tyranny degree of a specified number.

Open the console: SHIFT+TAB to view all console commands.

Cash 5000: Get 5000 wealth.

Manpower 1: Get 1000 manpower.

Yesman AI: diplomatic response (on: always accept; off: normal response).

Kill [id]: Kill the id character.

Debug_mode: Display additional information, character id, city tag and other information.

Power+space+quantity: add the corresponding quantity of all technology points.

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