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300 Brick’d Cheats (IOS)

300 Brickd Cheats IOS

Extra Life You can get yourself an extra life by sharing your high score on a social media site – like facebook and twitter. You also get more people to play the game, so that’s good too.   JellyCar 2

Zombie Farm Cheats (IOS)

Zombie Farm Cheats IOS

Unlimited Health Press pause and tap the screen 6 times (do not press a butten)and fake slide the screen to the right then left. If it does not work try again. (CC Note: Unconfirmed) Get Your Zombies Back If you

Zenonia 3 Cheats (IOS)

Zenonia 3 Cheats IOS

Easy Exp The Execution Room, which is new to Zenonia 3, is a very easy way to level your character early in the game. Once you get to the town of Delfoy do the little side missions and a few

Wreck-It Ralph Cheats (IOS)

Wreck It Ralph Cheats IOS

Wii/DS Invincibility Cheat Although this cheat is for the wii and DS/3DS version, it could possibly be used in the iphone/iOS version of the game. First, you\’ll need to open the cheat menu and then select \”Enter Code\”. You\’ll need

Words with Friends Cheats (IOS)

Words with Friends Cheats IOS

Big Points To get big points use J’s, Z’s, and Q, s and put them on double, and triple words.   JellyCar 2 Cheats (IOS) Minecraft World Explorer Cheats (IOS) 2K14 Cheats (IOS) NBA 2K12 Cheats (IOS) OfficeJerk Cheats (IOS)

Wheel of Fortune Platinum Cheats (IOS)

Wheel of Fortune Platinum Cheats IOS

Always Win Once the round is solved, and if you didn’t win the round hit the home button on your iPhone after the answer is revealed. Go back to the game and solve the puzzle. Always Win Once the round

Touchgrind Cheats (IOS)

Touchgrind Cheats IOS

The White Skateboard Spin the wheel to “about” but don’t click on it. What you want to click on is the “ons” in options then choose your board and thats it.   JellyCar 2 Cheats (IOS) Minecraft World Explorer Cheats

Tiny Tower Cheats (IOS)

Tiny Tower Cheats IOS

Fast Restocking After you have started all of your sales, go to settings, general, date and time, and change the date to the next day. Then go back to Tiny Tower and collect your restocks, but make sure that no

Tiny Chef Cheats (IOS)

Tiny Chef Cheats IOS

More People At Once If service or production is slow simply tap on decorate then Waite about 5-10 seconds then hit exit. Then people will start crowding in like crazy repeat as you wish. Serve More Food It is possible

Temple Run Cheats (IOS)

Temple Run Cheats IOS

Invinible And Unlockable Characters Cheats At the main menu Title Screen enter the following codes to turn on the appropriate abilities: samhines86 – Unlimited Invincibility rxh7nigh – Unlockable Characters Free Run Go to the options under the Main Menu, and

StickWars Cheats (IOS)

StickWars Cheats IOS

Free Money And Kills Right after you start the game, pause it right away and tap the center of the iPhone screen SIX times. You will get an additional $50k and 49 kills.     JellyCar 2 Cheats (IOS) Minecraft

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Cheats (IOS)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Cheats IOS

Level Select Start a new game in no save mode. Once the SEGA logo appears, tap the letters S, E, G, and A in that order, and a chime should sound. Then, hold two or more fingers on the screen

Smurfs’ Village Cheats (IOS)

Smurfs Village Cheats IOS

  Fast Cash Glitch You can get some cash quick from your crops by playing with the time a little. First, head to your phone’s Settings menu and choose “General.” Next, select “Date and Time” and turn off “Set Automatically”

The SIMS 3 Cheats (iOS)

The SIMS 3 Cheats iOS

Unlimited Amount Of Money Go to the profile you want then go to the pause menu located at the bottom left hand side with the 3 dots. Go to help and about then garden tips then shake your iPod/iPhone (

The Simpsons Tapped Out Cheats (iOS)

The Simpsons Tapped Out Cheats iOS

Statue And Free Doughnuts! To get 10 free doughnuts and also get the statue of Jebediah Springfield into your inventory, here’s the secret. While you’re playing the game, select Homer, and this will bring up the task menu. While that’s



All Reward Buildings Unlocked Shake your device when the cheat bar shows up type in obey your king and it should unlock all reward buildings. Cheap Buildings This cheat makes all your buildings free! First you have to shake your

Simcity Cheats (iOS)

Simcity Cheats iOS

Unlock All Extra Rewards While in-game shake iphone/ipod touch to open cheat area. Then type in pay_tribute_to_your_king Everything Is Free While in-game shake iphone/ipod touch to open cheat area. Then type in i_am_weak. Then everything should be free if entered

Road Warrior Nitro Car Battle Cheats (iOS)

Road Warrior Nitro Car Battle Cheats iOS

$3k Code Redeem this code for $3k: AGI8M4EM. $3000 For You! Redeem this code on your Droid/ iphone/ iPad version of this game for $3000 cold hard cash. Cha ching baby! Code is: WZJSR4EH. Get $3000 In Road Warrior! Code:

Pocket Frogs Cheats (iOS)

Pocket Frogs Cheats iOS

Time Fast Forward Because pocketfrogs uses your phone’s date and time you can speed up the time on everything: mail, breeding, hatching by simply changing the time on your phone. Enjoy!       Flick Fishing Cheats (IOS) Fragger Cheats

Pocket GOD Cheats (iOS)

Pocket GOD Cheats iOS

Secret Jet Pack First go to any island. Push the arrow at the top left corner then tap the picture with three stars. Then tap on the one star in the drop down box. Press submit a code and type

Pocket Summoner Cheats (IOS)

Pocket Summoner Cheats IOS

  Body Type Hints The body types will determine the skill types and how they deal extra or less damage. Use the following information to match up the SKILL and the BODY types to maximize your damage. ♠ NORMAL –

Pokémon GO Cheats (IOS)

Pokemon GO Cheats IOS

Hooray! Parking Lots! We’ve seen a lot of reports of frequent spawns in parking lots. This is even more true if the parking lots are near a PokeStop. They’re usually the more common pokemon (the rare ones are tough to

Pokémon Shuffle Cheats (IOS)

Pokemon Shuffle Cheats IOS

Passcodes 1 Attack Power Up : 07073180 1 Disruption Delay : 07080704 1 Jewel : 20150917 1 Mega Start : 07072405 (expires 21st of August) 2 Mega Starts : 20150007 (EXPIRED) 3 Moves +5 : 06150503 5 exp times 1.5

Plague Inc. Cheats (IOS)

Plague Inc. Cheats IOS

Symptom Combo List Oops: Sneezing + Diarrhea: Lowers productivity and increases awareness Profuse Bleeding: Hemophilia + Skin Lesions: Infectivity++ Projectile Vomiting: Coughing + Vomiting: Infectivity Public Defecation: Diarrhea + Insanity: Increase Research Speed (*** BEWARE ***) Swine Flu: Nausea, Pneumonia,

Plants vs. Zombies Cheats (iOS)

Plants vs. Zombies Cheats iOS

Achievement: Find The Yeti Zombie It’s easy, but you’ll need to complete “Adventure Mode”. After you complete the adventure mode, you’ll need to start playing through adventure mode again. When you get to Level 4-10 (night time level, with that

Original Gangstaz Cheats (IOS)

Original Gangstaz Cheats IOS

Stats Refill Type in “thugin” in the redeem menu. Only For The Red Side The code is godump it will refill your stats so and you could only use it once so use it when your stats are empty. Keeping