Motocross Madness cheats

Motocross Madness cheats

Motocross Madness cheats

Cool Honda Bike
Type your name as HONDAISACE and you will get a cool Honda bike. Type kcusedocruor for Jimmy McGrath’s bike. Cool, right!

When jumping high in the air, press Z and X at the same time to do tricks.

Extra Boost
When riding up a hill, press [Tab].

Extra Stunt Points
When jumping, repeatedly press [Print Screen] for extra points.

Big Head Mode
At the main menu, type “big heads”.

Jeremy McGraths’ Bike
At the main menu type in “kcussedocruoy”
3…2…1 BLAST OFF!!!!
In National Race ride as far as you can go and you will see a steep cliff. Climb that and ride as far away as you can and you will here a loud shotgun type thing. You will get launched very far away and not land so smoothly!!!!

Super Speed
Note: This trick requires a Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro controller. Set the throttle to control the acceleration. Then while playing any event or mode, move the throttle to around 3/4 Full and watch your speed. It will rapidly increase and go over 100. Be careful, as your turning speed is decreased the faster you race.



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