Monster Truck Madness 2 Cheats

Monster Truck Madness 2 Cheats

Monster Truck Madness 2 Cheats

Gold Mode
While racing, type “gold” to enter gold mode. Once in gold mode the following secret modes are available.

ctrl+w is a weather mask
ctrl+y allows you to drive through mapp terrain
ctrl+t twice will put you in autopilot mode
No Damage
Start any race with any car. While racing type in “trex”.

Gate 4 Shortcut
On the level of voodoo island slow down to 20 mph. Any faster and you’ll fall into the water. go approx. 45 degrees left of the gate and keep going straight you will jump back onto the track. This saves approx. 10 seconds on average.

Awesome Shortcut
On voodoo island after the 2nd check point turn right at the mask into some water. Go up the grassy ledge then go down the other side and you’ll see the third check point. Go along the path and you’ll have a good lead.

Crash Damage
Type X during gameplay to turn crach damage on/off.

Secret Passage
First, set up your truck, then go to the Excavation. Next, when you started the race, switch your map on and then go to the loop right before you jump the straightaway. When you are there, you will see a temple. Go around it until you see the brightest side. When you find it you will see an opening, go inside of it, but before you do, go to the right or left, you can’t go straight. To get out push H to activate the helicopter.

Farm Road 29 Shortcut
After you have started Farm Road 29 and go past the third checkpoint, you will immediately make a hard left onto the railroad tracks. Then you can go the length of the tracks by driving on the left of the tracks or by driving on the tracks until you see the 4th checkpoint on your left. You must drive on the left side of the tracks when a train is coming because you will get stuck on the opposite side of the 4th checkpoint if you don’t. If you do this correctly you can shave as much as seven seconds off your lap time.

Drive-in Theater
Drive on the Scrapyard Run track and drive until reaching a set of railroad tracks. Then turn left at the tracks and follow them until the drive-in movie theater appears on the right.

Giant Puck
Drive on Breakneck Ridge track with clear weather. Then, dive into one of the lakes or ponds and set your view to see underwater. A giant hockey puck should be sunk on the bottom.

Hockey Game
Set the weather to “Snow” and begin a game on the Breakneck Ridge track. Then a hockey puck will appear in the icy area of the track.

Bonus Track
Reach the fourth checkpoint on the Sidewinder Canyon track. Then, pass the bridge and quickly turn right when passing through the barricades on the right side. Now drive along the dirt road and stop after the first bridge. Turn right to reach another bridge and drive until it ends. A checkpoint labeled “Pit” will appear. Enter that checkpoint to enable the bonus track.


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