Zoo Tycoon Dinosaur Digs game cheats

Zoo Tycoon Dinosaur Digs game cheats

Zoo Tycoon Dinosaur Digs game cheats

Add money cheats: press [Shift] + 4
Change the name of the visitor to (note the difference in letter case):
Dinoman⇒Can adopt all dinosaurs!
Ron Propst⇒All plants from the Tyrannosaurus era can be used!
Eggman⇒The egg will hatch immediately after the scientist takes care of it!
Mr. Blue⇒All tourists wear blue T-shirts
Mr. Blonde⇒All tourists wear yellow T-shirts
Mr. White⇒All tourists wear white T-shirts
Mr. Brown⇒All tourists wear brown T-shirts
Mr. Orange⇒All tourists are wearing orange T-shirts
Mr. Pink⇒All tourists wear pink T-shirts
Adam Levesque⇒Access to all animal protection programs
Steve Serafino⇒Able to adopt all endangered animals
Andrew Binder⇒ immediately researched out all animal housing
John Wheeler⇒Can use all hidden animal houses
Hank Howie⇒Access to all employee training programs
Alfred H⇒The appearance of wild birds threatens tourists
Russell C⇒All fences rot immediately
Bob V⇒All damaged fences will be repaired
Zeta Psi⇒Some tourists wear yellow T-shirts, their faces turn green and start to vomit
Akiyama⇒All story modes are open
Lou Catanzaro⇒All animal toys can be used
Change the name of the scientist to:

Dr. Scholl made all scientists walk twice as fast

Dr. Frankenstein 10% chance that the egg will change?

Change the name of the exhibition area to the following:

Super Croc

Microsoft’s private donations will double

Wonderland visitors will increase

Change the name of a male maintenance worker to “Bob V” repairable fence

Change the name of the existing display area to Cretaceous Corral, and there will be three dragons. (You cannot use the newly created display area, otherwise it will crash)

Hire a maintenance worker (must be a male) to rename it to The Rock, and all scenic buildings and animal habitats will turn into gravel!

Hire a maintenance worker (must be a male) and renamed it to George W, all the leaves are gone, 300$ tax refund!

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