Zombie Shooter 2 game cheats

Zombie Shooter 2 game cheats

Zombie Shooter 2 game cheats:
stwnn completes the current level
Cheath +1000=life
St1 +15000=life
St2 = invincible mode
Stammo = get some ammunition
Stexp = or cheatexp = + experience
Cheats = speed +50
Cheatw = weapon reloading skill +100
Stkk = kill monsters around the player
Stk9 = Kill all monsters on the map
Stgod = all skills (except perk) + 40 points
Money +50000
Stm or cheatm = money + 10000
Stshop=Open a shop? ?
Stmus[#] = turn on # track
Stmusstop=Stop the current track
Stat = on/off current statistics
Remgamma = turn off the brightness of the map

How to use the cheats: use the C key to open the backpack, and then directly enter the cheats in the game to directly take effect.

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