Ys V Lost Kefin Kingdom of Sand Cheats

Ys V Lost Kefin Kingdom of Sand Cheats

Ys V Lost Kefin, Kingdom of Sand Cheats

MP Heiraz

First of all, go to the tower in the south of Kefujin, do not take anything such as elemental, go to the outer side from the 2nd straddle, turn in the inner side of the tower, and then investigate the right end of the inner side of the tower to the top, you will be able to get MP
(If you first take the tower inside of the inflammation of the elemental, MP Heirazu will not be able to get)

The color change of the hair of the Adel

In the town of Ferte was destroyed before, into the village on the right side of a house on the inside, near the center of the home press the A button down, you can talk to a certain person for. Then you can add the bar “Kaminokake” (hair color) to the control menu in the Kastamazes, and then you can change the color of Adel’s hair!

The strongest no tawashi

The plot continues until you get out of the cell in the west wing of Kefujin Castle, and then return to Kefujin Town, answer the cell in front of you, and then investigate the table in that room to get Isios Tawashi.

Hidden Dan (Ys V Expert only)

The first floor of the large square room of Dorman no Yashiki has a hidden room on the inside of the stairs, from here you can go to the Hushidanjiran


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