You Are Empty Game Cheats

You Are Empty Game Cheats

You Are Empty Game Cheats

Press ~ in the game to open the console and enter the following cheats:
set_clients_health number ⇒ set blood volume
give weapon_spanner⇒spanner
give weapon_mauzer⇒Pistol
give weapon_obrez⇒ shotgun
give weapon_nailgun⇒Nail gun
give weapon_rifle⇒Rifle
give weapon_machinegun⇒Group machine gun
give weapon_bottle⇒Molotov
give weapon_rifle_sniper⇒Sniper rifle
give weapon_thunder⇒Stun gun
give weapon_grenade⇒Grenade
give weapon_thunder_fire⇒ flamethrower
give weapon_maxim⇒Heavy machine gun
give ammo_mauzer ⇒ pistol ammunition
give ammo_obrez⇒ shotgun ammunition
give ammo_nailgun ⇒ nail gun ammunition
give ammo_rifle⇒Rifle and sniper rifle ammunition
give ammo_ppsh⇒Group machine gun ammunition
give ammo_thunder⇒Stun and flamethrower bullets
give ammo_maxim⇒Heavy machine gun ammunition
give item_medikit_small⇒Small medicine bag
give item_medikit_large⇒Large medical bag

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