XIII game cheats

In the game, press f2 to call up the console, and then enter the code below and press Enter to cheat

Full ammunition: maxammo

Full blood: healme 100

Deformation: SUPERDEFORM

Powerful mode: FLOWERPOWER 1

God mode: find user.ini in the game installation path, open it with notepad for editing, you will find “tab=”, change it to “tab=god” here, and then press the tab key in the game to open the god mode .
Hidden plot:

FBI: In the second area (hole in the wall), go through the first room and turn left and see that the floor is destroyed. After you go down, you will see a bulletproof vest in the waste dump.


After killing the sniper, go down from the first roof, and on the left you will see an emergency staircase going up. Go up and unlock the locker of the room and you will find one

First aid kit, a bulletproof vest and a gun.

Sixth sense: The way to use the sixth sense is that you must remain standing or walking slowly. This is when you will see the “tck, tck, tck” prompt telling you that the enemy is there, even if the enemy is behind the wall. It can be found that this is the magical effect of the sixth sense.

Secret location: In the secret ssh base, cloakroom (the third checkpoint), there is a secret vent, where you can hide safely, there is an American soldier, so you must move fast.

Pass the generator off quickly.

The first generator is in the first building on the right. Kill the guards who are taking care of them. The action must be fast, otherwise she will set off the alarm, pick up the door lock, kill them all with a pistol, and then destroy the generator. There are two enemies. One is at the gate. You need to kill her last and take away the corpse. The other generator is in a hut. Turn left at the second door, kill the enemies in front and behind, and enter the hut on the right. , There is a generator, kill all the enemies around and find it, you can go up and talk to the girl.


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