XCOM Enemy Within Game Cheats

Add the following line to the shortcut of the game:

–options scale_texs=1 video_caption=TRUE enable_system_console=true

Right-click on the game shortcut on the desktop, and then look at the target: there is such a line!
“G:\Program Files\UFO3_Afterlight_EN\ufo.exe” add after this –options scale_texs=1 video_caption=TRUE enable_system_console=true, and then click OK!
Remember: there must be spaces and-in front of options, this must be paid attention to! (note that it is the keypad + the above -, two -, and there is no space between the two -!)
Below is the cheat code!
Enter the game and press “`” in the global screen, which is the key to the left of number 1 on the big keyboard!
Then enter the cheat code:

? List All Commands (Different Codes at Different Screens)
full_store 25+ of Each Type of Equipment (enter at global screen)
kill_enemies Kill Everyone on Map (enter in mission)
resource_all Gives Resources (enter at global screen)
add_experience # Adds Experience (enter at people screen

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