XCOM 2 game cheats


To use the console on the steam platform, although there is a console mod that dispenses with the steam version, it is too troublesome. It is better to start the game directly with steam.
Find XCOM 2 in the steam library, right-click properties, select set startup options, and enter -allowconsole.
Then enter the game, press the \ key, bring up the console, and paste Ctrl+V.

Take “giveresource supplies # 裝貨” as an example, just copy giveresource supplies #, # replace the number, the Chinese after it is an explanation, no need to copy, and then press the Enter key.

XCOM 2 console command list:

Giveresource supplies # Supply

Giveresource AlienAlloy # alloy

Giveresource EleriumDust # Transuranium

Giveresource Intel # Intelligence

Giveengineer 1 Engineer

Givescientist 1 scientist

Additem EleriumCore # Transuranic core


Additem Medikit # First aid kit

Additem NanoMedikit # Nano first aid kit

Additem MindShield # Mind Shield

Additem Skulljack # Head access device

Additem BattleScanner # Battlefield scanner

Additem MimicBeacon # analog beacon

Additem Hellweave # Hellnet

Additem CombatStims # Super Serum

Additem FlashbangGrenade # Flashbang


Additem Firebomb # Fire grenade

Additem FirebombMk2 # Fire grenade Mk2

Additem SmokeGrenade # Smoke grenade

Additem SmokeGrenadeMk2 # Smoke grenade Mk2

Additem GasGrenade # gas grenade

Additem GasGrenadeMk2 # gas grenade Mk2

Additem AcidGrenade # Acid Grenade

Additem AcidGrenadeMk2 # Acid Grenade Mk2

Additem EMPGrenade # EMP grenade

Additem EMPGrenadeMk2 # EMP grenade Mk2

Additem ProximityMine # Proximity mine

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