XBOX game cheats collection


Enter in the Start screen and hear the effect sound to indicate success

XBOX up, down, up, up, up and right XBX = new game



Press the following secrets in the game

Down down, Start button, Start button A, A, B, B, X, Y = invisible



Enter CHEAT as the character name, there will be a secret window

ThinkBat = Infinite Protective Cover

FishFace = Infinite Turbo Engine

RICEitup = Airship upgrade

Nematode = hidden characters

zoomZOOM = full speed



Enter the following secret

LRGARMS = invincible


QUITER = jump off

NINJA = all combos

STRAPPED = full weapon

MRJUAREZ = Maximum loading

SPINACH = maximum damage

BUTTERUP = maximum health

FPSSTYLE = no aiming

MAXIMUMHURT = super difficult venue

SCARYCLOWN = play with Clown

JAILBREAK=Play with Convict


HISSSS = Play with Lizard

BIGLIPS = play with Moseley

WEIGHTGAIN = Play with Nara

HAIRLOSS = play with Nikki

MRROBOTO = Use Robot to play

SUPERJOHN=Play with Superhero

IAMSODEAD = Play with Zombie

SLUGGER = baseball bat

SLIZOMIZO = slow motion button



Enter the following secret in the cheats menu

BUBBLE = invincible

BISCUIT = unlimited ammunition

DINGO = full level open



Enter the following name:

TheLongHaul = all endurance race tracks

Geronimo = all downhill races



AROUNDDAWORLD = all card weapons are fully opened

DOUBLEDOUBLE = all hidden characters

FOODFIGHT = all hidden characters and food and burgers

TIMEFORCHAOS = full weapon




Enter Nosliw as name = all tracks and cars

Use easy level and get 1000 kudos = get VW beetle

25000 kudos = get Panoz Esperate

Hide vehicle type and get conditions

TT Roadster / TT Coupe: Quick Race Level 1 with all Gold

Z3 Roadster 3.0i: Kudos Challenge Level 1 Race 4

Mazda RX8: Arcade Race Level 1 with all Gold

Camaro SS: Quick Race Level 2 with all Gold

Boxster S: Kudos Challenge Level 2 Race 5

Opel Speedster: Arcade Race Level 2 with all Gold

Focus Cosworth: Kudos Challenge Level 3 Race 4

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII: Quick Race Level 3 with all Gold

Impreza WRX: Arcade Race Level 3 with all Gold

Nissan Skyline GTR: Kudos Challenge Level 5 Race 8

Lotus Exige: 50k Kudos

F355 Spider / 355 F1: Quick Race Level 4 with all Gold

Aston Martin Vanquish: Arcade Race Level 4 with all Gold

Corvette ZO6: Kudos Challenge Level 9 Race 10

Delfino Feroce: 75k Kudos

360 Modena / 360 Spider: Kudos Challenge Level 9 Race 10

Tuscan: 100k Kudos

Viper RT-10: Kudos Challenge Level 11 Race 10

911 GT2: Kudos Challenge Level 12 Race 12

Carrera GT: 150k Kudos

F50: 200k Kudos (ouch)

Simply gain fame:

If you still lack some reputation before the end of a game

Then apply the handbrake before you are about to cross the finish line (Button A)

Press button A, don’t let go and make a 180 degree turn

Then you can get some reputation

You can get a helmet for every hour of playing



Pause in the game and press L+R and enter the following secret skills

Upper XYA = 1000 experience points in Yalagang

Down Y up and down = Frodo gets 1000 experience points

BY up and down = Gandalf gets 1000 experience points

BBYA = 1000 experience points for Jinli

AY on A=Legras gets 1000 experience points

A under YA = Sam gets 1000 experience points

AAYY = Use Faramer

A under A = use Meri

Under YBX = Use Pipin

BX on B = Infinite Rebirth

AXA = actor access



No need to break it all, it can be used at any time in the game

After starting any task, press Start to pause

Press and hold L R at the same time, then enter the following buttons, there will be a sound effect after success

Y down and A up = full health

A down Y up = full bow and arrow

A down down = experience value plus 1000

B right B right = all Lv2 skills

Y up Y up = all Lv4 skills

X Left X Left = All Lv6 skills

AA down = all Lv8 skills

XYAXBX = unlimited mana



Choose Lisa as your partner, use any girl to read and save to start a trip around the island

Do not play any volleyball matches for 14 days

The first day is mandatory, just press pause and choose to give up

Quickly end the game in less than 13 minutes

There is no volleyball scene in the ending screen

Still choose any girl from this save and open its item options

Press the Y button on the equipped swimsuit, then press the W button to switch to Topless

This way the girls are all over the sky



Enter the following secret in the secret screen

1DDF2556 = unlimited ammo

4516DF45 = invincible

69E5D9E4 = Infinite focal length

FF00001A = Movement acceleration



Enter the following secrets in the game

PASSPORT = all levels open

SCOPE = open sniper mode

GUARDIAN = turn on protected mode

TEAMWORK = Turn on Team King of the Hill mode

TRANSMIT = Turn on Uplink mode



Collect 80 cat medals = the ultimate weapon

Completed all levels and A+ level = hidden animation



STYLIN70S = ABA ball

BEACHBUMS = beach ball

KICKME = Football

SPIKEIT = Volleyball


GOTGAME = Women’s NBA Ball

XBALL = Xbox Ball

SPEEDY = unlimited acceleration

ITSYBITSY = players shrink

CITYHOOPS = Chicago Stadium

PEEKABOO = hidden player

DOIT = any trading player

MOMONEY-Maximum create-a-player points

DUNKONYOU-Easy Alley-Oops


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