X3 Reunion game guide

X3 Reunion game cheats

X3 Reunion game guide:
How to use x3 reunion script:
Script editor
X3 script editor is a very powerful tool. (Somewhat similar to the editor in civilization)

Now let’s talk about how to enter
1. Open the menu in the lower right corner of the screen—-quikmenu—pilot—rename
2, all you need to do now is to change the name. After entering rename, change the name to Thereshallbewings. Attention! T must be capitalized! ! Enter to confirm
3. You will find that the menu is closed, and the name of the pilot has not changed
4. Enter the command console and you will find an option for Script Editor.
Well, you can use this powerful tool now. With it, you can immediately make a space fleet as large as your homeland! But the image is on par with doom3, close to the effect of movie quality!
Of course, the role of the script editor is much more than that. . . Players who like to trade slowly can also find use.
Newbies who are new to the x series (for example, I have never played x2) can go to the official website to download scripts made by others.
Now x3 seems to only support sm2.0, I hope developers can release sm3.0 patches as soon as possible!
Galaxy Editor
The activation method is exactly the same as the script editor above, except that when rename (renaming), we need to enter
Attention, spelling and capitalization must be in place. After completion, next time you start a new game, you can open the interface of the galaxy editor.

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