X-COM Terror from the Deep Cheats

X COM Terror from the Deep Cheats

X-COM Terror from the Deep Cheats

1、Easy to get the battle record method

First fight a good battle, it is best to make the number of kills and surrendered weapons are high, the next time you enter the battlefield, press [Ctrl]+[C], the battle will be over, and the record is the same as the previous battle.

2、Infinite movement power modification

EXE in the UFO2 subdirectory, look for 0C 28 C5 8A 44 24 08 8A 62 0F 88 6A 0C 28 C 4, change 0C 28 C5 to 19 90 90, change 0F to 1B, change 28 C4 to 90 90, so that all players have unlimited movement, and one turn should end the battle.

3. Money Modification

Go to the Game-? subdirectory (here?). When the progress is not deposited, there is only one BIN file in this subdirectory, after the progress is deposited, there will be a bunch of DAT files. Edit LIGLOB.DAT, the address of the money for SECT 0000 DISP 0000 to 0003. suggest to change to FF FF FF FF 6F, can have 2 billion money.

4、Modification of soldier parameters

Modify Game-? subdirectory (here? is the archive progress, the value range is 1 to 10) under the file SOLDIER.DAT. In this file, you can see the soldier’s name in the ASCII code on the right side of the edit window, and the first few digits of his name are his mobility, stamina, health, courage, shooting accuracy and throwing accuracy. The value of each item must not exceed 100 in decimal (64 in hexadecimal), if it does, there will be an overflow error.



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