X-COM Interceptor game cheats

X COM Interceptor game cheats

X-COM Interceptor game cheats

Press Ctrl + E or Ctrl + W in the game. After hearing two low beeps, you can enter the following cheats:

Cheats Effect
smarms Arms dealer
quickbase Complete all construction of the base
knowitall Activate all research
canttouchthis Invincible mode
payday Increase money
joyride No alien
smnova New bomb
smrogue freighter
smrescue Rescue
fillerup Time for unlimited flight distance
smrecon reconnaissance


Combat cheats

Press the CTRL+E keys at the same time, and enter battlecheats to activate the cheats mode after hearing two low beeps. Use the following key combinations to get the corresponding effect:


Cheats Effect
[Alt] + O suicide
[Alt] + X Change weapon
Alt+` Destroy the target
Alt+# Destroy the target

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