Worms Open Warfare 2 game cheats


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Edit your STORM.INI file and add the following line [FUNCTION]—[TYPE THIS CODE], so that you can add a menu option in the game and use it. After selecting it, enter the corresponding sentence in the game to get the corresponding function.
Cheats in HERC base:
Add a life: I’ll Buy That For A Credit
1000 lives: Will Work for credit
plus 10,000 lives: Mo money
plus 100,000 lives: Too much wheat
plus 1,000,000 lives: You may have already won
The biggest O repair: As Good as it Gets
The largest O commander (technology, life, equipment): You da man
The largest O device: Home is where the heart
The largest O chassis: Must have!
Get all the technology: He Who Dies With The Most Toys
Back to the general technical situation: It was nice while it lasted
The secret technique in the battle:
Medically selected pilot: Tarsus
Repair the selected vehicle: It’s just a flesh wound
Restore the energy of the selected vehicle: Feel my wrath
Regroup the selected unit: Go Go Power Ranger
Get rich turn-based mobility points: Fly Away
Get rich turn-based action points: Vengeance is mine
I cannot conquer: There can be only one
defeat all enemies: Death to all who oppose us
Become another player: Freaky Friday


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