World War III Black Gold game cheats

World War III Black Gold game cheats

World War III Black Gold game cheats

In the game, press Enter to enter peace, then press Enter to confirm to open the cheats mode, and then press Enter to enter the following cheats in the game:

Cheats effect
beautifulworld Show all maps
hereyouare! Show all enemy buildings and units
smash Storm in the center of the screen
shower Large storms appear in the center of the screen
nobelprize1 Complete all research
moneyfornothing # Add Money Cheats # is any number, the same below
mybrainisfaster # Change the speed of research and development; 10 is the fastest
limit_up # Increase the limit of combat units
ultrascience Fast research
sciencefornothing Free R&D
moonlight Show current area (remove fog of war)
hide Hide current map
tromaville Destroy all visible opponents
byebye Destroy all enemy units
judegmentday Destroy all enemy units and buildings
gohome! Destroy all your own units
idkfa Destroy all your own buildings
newone Command a new unit

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