Wolfenstein game cheats

One, use the console

1. Add a space + set com_allowConsole “1” to the desktop shortcut of wolf.exe

2. Enter the game, press “Left ALT”+” Right ALT” and “~” keys to start the console and enter the following code:

give all get all weapons (not including magic), unlimited bullets, unlock all weapon upgrades and upgrades of existing magic at the same time, use modifiers to fill up the money, go to the black market to upgrade all weapons

god invincible (will not be killed by bombs and grenade)

giveAllIntel get all the information

givePowers get energy

noclip through the wall

giveGold gold coin

giveObjectives get items

giveAchievement complete the challenge

giveALLPowerUpgrades All energy upgrades

notarget the enemy cannot see the target

give ammo

give ammo_shroud

give ammo_tesla

give ammo_panzer

give ammo_mauser

give ammo_mp43

give ammo_mdl24

give ammo_particle_cannon

give ammo_mp40

give ammo_default

give ammocomponent to get ammunition for various weapons

momoney get money

novis unknown

2. If you have not cleared the customs, you can edit the wolf.cfg file configuration

1. Find the wolf.cfg file, open it with Notepad, and add the code (the code cannot be added in front of the first line, the first line is to reset all binds, the text must have two carriage returns at the end, that is, two empty lines, all The configuration files that can be modified are all like this!), in the C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Local Settings\Application Data\id Software\WolfSP\base (hidden folder) directory.

2. Modify the settings

seta g_cheatsAreOn “1” Turn on cheating mode

seta g_showCheatMenuMsg “1” Open the cheat menu, the “cheats” cheat option appears in the gameplay of Option

seta com_showFPS “1” display frame number

seta g_gameFinished “1” means the game has been cleared (you can use the cheating option that comes with the system after you clear the game)

seta g_infiniteStamina “1” unlimited running endurance

seta g_unlockedFlameDLC “1” Unlock DLC

3. Define the cheating function of the key

bind P “god” defines the function of the g key as god, that is, invincible

bind O “give ammo 50” defines the function of the o key and the ammo is full

bind h “momoney” add money to the function definition of the h key

Write in this format

Note: Save the modified wolf.cfg file and change the attribute to “Read Only”, otherwise the game system will “help you” change back to the original non-cheat mode!

3. Use cheating options after customs clearance

1. After the game has been cleared on any difficulty, restart the game (the progress before the call is invalid), and set the “cheats” option in the difficulty selection interface to enable.

2. Then press pause during the game, the cheat option “cheats” appears in the gameplay of GAME OPTION, double-click the last three options to start cheating:

The first one: all heads will become pumpkins

The second one: get all weapons (full upgrade is the most full)

Third: Obtain all abilities (full upgrade)

Fourth: Get 1000 gold coins (this can be solved for the achievement, first adjust to 29,000 and then pick up 30000 in the game to solve)

Since the magic power and ability cannot be maintained, it can be used with the modifier (the infinite life in the modifier can be killed by bombs and grenades, and you can enter the “god” invincible code in the console).


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