Wolfenstein 3D game cheats

Wolfenstein 3D game cheats

Wolfenstein 3D game cheats

How to start cheat mode

Start the game with the following command line parameters:

Wolf3d -next [Version 1.0]>

Wolf3d -goobers [Version 1.1 and above]>

Then press the following key to activate the cheats:

[Ctrl]+[Tab]+[Enter] [Version 1.0] (One said [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Enter])

[Alt]+[Shift]+[Backspace] [Version 1.1 and above]

Then press the following keys to get the corresponding cheats:

[Tab]+B ⇒ change the border color;
[Tab]+C ⇒ change the color of the door character food etc.;
[Tab]+E ⇒ End this level and skip to the next level;
[Tab]+F ⇒Display the current coordinates;
[Tab]+G ⇒Invincible;
[Tab]+H ⇒ Suicide;
[Tab]+I ⇒Add equipment;
[Tab]+M ⇒Memory usage;
[Tab]+N ⇒Through wall mode (only for version 1.0);
[Tab]+O ⇒Map (only for version 1.0);
[Tab]+P ⇒ Pause the game;
[Tab]+Q ⇒Quick exit;
[Tab]+S ⇒slow motion;
[Tab]+V ⇒Add VBL (only for version 1.1 or higher);
[Tab]+W ⇒ jump to the selected level;
[Tab]+X ⇒Add a specific pass (only for version 1.1 or higher).

Press the L, M, and I buttons at the same time to fill up indicators such as blood, bullets, and pass keys, but after using this method, the score will be 0.


At the start screen, press the M key to automatically order songs.


Start the game with wolf3d/tedlevel?, where? is the number of levels, the value range is 0-9, corresponding to the first level to the tenth level.

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