We Happy Few game cheats

We Happy Few game cheats

We Happy Few game cheats

List of cheating codes:

The console comes with a command prompt, just open the console and enter the command and press Enter.
1. Fast file and fast file reading

Command: quicksave and quickload

Note: This does not conflict with the save when you exit the game. You can use the quicksave command to save at any time in the game, or you can use the quickload command to read the previous quick save at any time in the game. (Be sure to use it in the actual game).

2. God mode

Command: god

3. Quickly restore health

Command: heal

4. The map is fully open

Command: revealmap

5. Unlock all technologies

Command: unlockallrecipes

6. Unlock the backpack (including the shortcut bar and off-hand weapons)

Command: unlockinventory

7. Unlimited durability of weapons (not damaged)

Command: unbreakable

8. Get an item directly

Command: give item name

For example: give me an apple give apple

Give me a lock picker give basiclockpick

Give me a swiss army knife give multitool

The specific item name can be found in the synthesis menu, and any space or “-” in the item name must be removed

9. Get a specified amount of an item

Command: given item quantity item name

For example: given 100 apples
10. Flying through the wall
Command: ghost

There are probably so many commonly used commands. As for the commands of other functions, you can directly view these commands by initial letters on the console.

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