Way of the Samurai Game Cheats (PSP)

Way of the Samurai Game Cheats PSP

Way of the Samurai Game Cheats (PSP)

1. The protagonist all hidden swords appear:

When selecting the protagonist’s hidden knife, enter:

Down down down down right right left left left right

(53 items appear for the first time, all 61 items appear after inputting)

2. Randomly get a sword with “Hardness 5, Offense and Defense +99%, Physical Strength +999, Full Sword Skill”:

Enter in the knife hiding screen: up, down, down, left, left, left, left, left, right, left, right

3. Cheats for using robots

When selecting a character, at the name, press triangle + box + START

4. All characters are optional

When you change the name, press L, R, L, R, L, L, R + mouth to select all characters. After the characters change, you can select people from left to right…..you can select many NPCs…including women ….


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