Wasteland 2 game item code cheats

Wasteland 2 game item code cheats

Wasteland 2 game item code cheats:

Open the XML file, search the archived XML file with Ctrl+F, and add the following line of text:

“Enter the item name here”-1-10false1falsefalsefalse01

Just enter the relevant code in “Enter the name of the item here”.

Accessories and armor

Polished Ranger Star ⇒+1 threatening item

Armor_Tier_6_Light ⇒+7 Ghost assault suit with no deceleration protection

Armor_Tier_6_Heavy ⇒ +10 protective exoskeleton armor

ArmyIssueBackpack⇒Decelerate, increase 20 carrying weight and 20 kettle capacity

Pair of Rings ⇒Wedding ring

PDA ⇒ minus coordination plus computer technology

Weapon modification:


Mod_Magazine_Quick ⇒ Decrease 1 reload AP to reduce the probability of jamming

Mod_Barrel_Long ⇒Increase shooting distance and hit rate

Mod_MeleeWeight_Grand_Slam ⇒Melee weapons reduce hit rate and increase critical strike

Mod_MeleeWeight_Heavy ⇒ melee weapons increase critical strike

Mod_MeleeWeight_Light ⇒Melee weapon i increases hit rate

Mod_Scope_Tactical ⇒Increase the effective range of weapons

Mod_Choke_Full ⇒ Shotgun increases distance and reduces spread

Mod_UnderBarrel_Laser ⇒ 15 hits increased, which basically offsets the hit penalty for headshot attacks

Mod_Barrel_FlashSuppressor ⇒ Flame suppressor increase hit

Mod_Barrel_Silencer ⇒ Silencer increases critical damage and reduces noise

Mod_Magazine_Long ⇒Increase ammo capacity

Mod_Scope_Small ⇒ Increase hit

Mod_Scope_Large ⇒ Increase hit

The skill points of the new characters in Wasteland 2 game are full. Modified cheats:

Don’t tick it after creating your own character. There is an option to export the character. After exporting, close the game. Go to the C drive and find the Wasteland 2 save folder. You can see the character folder in the same directory as the save folder , Click in and you will see the character file you created. For example, if you just created a character named jack, then this file is jack.char. Open it with Notepad and find the character attribute items. The default is 3. Change all to 10, various skills can also be changed, be careful not to exceed the upper limit, after saving. Open the game again and select new game. When you create a character, you will find that your self-built character will appear in the left column. Start the game directly after selecting it. Note that after selecting the character here, do not further customize the character, otherwise the attribute points given by the character Will become negative and cannot continue. Then you get a character walking sideways in the wasteland!

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