Warzone 2100 game cheats

Warzone 2100 game cheats

Warzone 2100 game cheats:

PS: Cheats are only available for v1.01 version

First press T in the game to enter the following cheats and press Enter to confirm to get the corresponding effect


Cheats Effect
hallo mein schatz Jump off
whale fin Unlimited power
work harder Complete the technology under development
double up All units increase twice the intensity
kill selected Kill the selected unit
get off my land Kill all units on the map
sparkle green Stronger unit
biffer baker Unit becomes invincible
show me the power Increase by 1000 electricity
how fast Show game speed
timedemo Display game screen frames
time toggle Task timing
john kettley Switch between different weather
shakey The screen shakes when the unit explodes
easy Game difficulty setting: simple
normal Game difficulty setting: normal
hard Game difficulty setting: difficult
version Show game version date

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