Warcraft Orcs & Humans game cheats

Warcraft Orcs Humans game cheats

Warcraft Orcs & Humans game cheats

After pressing the Enter key in the game, MSG will appear below. At this time, enter Corwin of Amber and press Enter to start the cheating mode. You can enter the corresponding characters in the MSG mode to get the corresponding secrets.

CRUSHING DEFEAT: This level failed;

EYE OF NEXT: Let magic units learn all spells;

HUMAN ??: When playing as an orc, jump to the ?? level (here?? is the level, the value range is 1-12);

HURRY UP GUYS: Speed ​​up various production researches;

IRON FORGE: Complete technological development in an instant;

IDES OF MARCH: Look directly at the ending;

ORC ??: When playing as a human, jump to ?? off (here?? is the off number, the value range is 1-12);

POT OF GOLD: Add 10,000 gold coins and 500 lumber at a time;

SALLY SHEARS: All the maps appear;

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE: Except for the ballista attack, all soldiers are invincible with swords and guns, and can give the enemy a fatal blow of 255 points;

YOURS TRULY: Victory in this level.

If you pass the level with a secret skill, the game will give the player a “Cheater” evaluation. Before you pass the level, select Save when Save and Victory appear, then exit and enter the game, load the progress, and pass the level again without getting this Evaluation.

Press [Enter] in the game and type “corwin of amber” to start cheat mode. Then enter the following

Result⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Cheat Code
Jump to Orc X level⇒orc[level number 1-12]
Jump to human level X⇒human[level number 1-12]
Invincible, and can give the enemy a critical strike of 255 points [Note: 1]⇒there can be only one
Victory in this level [Note: 1]⇒yours truly
This level failed [Note: 1]⇒crushing defeat
Look directly at the ending [Note: 1]⇒ides of march
10,000 gold coins 5,000 wood ⇒ pot of gold
Research all spells ⇒eye of newt
Technology upgrade ⇒ iron forge
All maps⇒sally shears
Quickly build ⇒ hurry up guys
Rapid development [Note: 2]⇒chronus
Note: 1 Only valid in single mode
Note: 2 Press [+] after input


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