Warcraft cheats

Enter after enter in the game
WarpTen: fast construction
IocainePowder: Fast death
WhosYourDaddy: Invincible
KeyserSoze [amount]: get gold [number]
LeafItToMe [amount]: get wood [number]
GreedIsGood [amount]: get resources
PointBreak: get food
ThereIsNoSpoon: Get the magic
TheDudeAbides: cooldown
StrengthAndHonor: nodefeat
ItVexesMe: novictory
WhoIsJohnGalt: Search
ISeeDeadPeople: show map
Synergy: Technology Tree
RiseAndShine: Dawn
LightsOut: dusk
DaylightSavings [hour]: time [number]
SharpAndShiny: Upgrade
Motherland [race] [level]: upgrade [character] [level]
SombodySetUpUsTheBomb: defeat the enemy
AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs: Complete victory

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