“Warcraft 3” weakened computer cheats

Choose the beasts, it’s best to watch the full screen. When the game starts, immediately use a farmer to build a hero tower (you decide how to use the rest of the farmers), and then train the Juggernaut as the first hero, and then immediately let the hero run near the enemy Find the weakest creeps closest to the enemy (should be 3) and go to k. As long as you find 3 creeps that are weak enough and low enough, you can defeat them with the Juggernaut alone. As for why you beat them, at least gain some experience. , You don’t have to. Then wait for the enemy to build a hero. At this time, he should bring some hands down to fight the low-level creeps (it must be the first time for them to fight), and then you immediately chase him in front of them (don’t fight him) and lead them Go to another unoccupied mine. There should be a strong creeps guarding it. When the enemy is very close to the mine, you can cause the creeps of the mine to chase you. At this time, your operation must be flexible, and then…, You run home immediately. At this time, the route formed by you, the enemy and the creeps is a “Y” shape (if possible, it is better to pay attention to the development of your home). Needless to say, when you run away, the enemy and the creeps It’s a fight (use the Huicheng scroll if necessary). Cool, this can reduce a lot of your burden. The enemy heroes and his men are not opponents of the creeps guarding the mine. Now you only have to watch the battle. After the fight, the enemy hero will either run away or be killed. Then you can continue to climb science and technology. Build soldiers… After that, the enemy will not harass you for at least a period of time. Fight low-level ceeps to earn experience.
   If you want to, take the hero to earn experience before the senior creeps who are injured after the battle recover their strength.

   1. Your movements must be fast and flexible during the whole process, otherwise it is difficult to do it.
   2. The enemy and advanced creeps must be allowed to fight, as long as they are close to each other, they can succeed.
  3. The level of creeps to fight with the enemy must be very high, otherwise the experience will earn him.

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