Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Battle Egg

Prologue: The first level, look at the island at the top of the screen, you can see some pirates are guarding something interesting…

Battle of the Undead: Chapter 1, after you get the shadow, you can see two citizens fighting in the main city. A group of people are watching. The names of the two are Robert and Tyler (from the movie Fight Club: Fight Club)

Battle of the Undead: Chapter 2, cut down the woods on the west side of the green human base, and you can reach a waterfall. When your unit enters the area, there will suddenly appear a red panda sitting on the back of another giant panda with a sword. , And there is a text saying “Discover the secret, panda resting area”.
Cut down the curved trees on the road leading to the Ronin wizard, and a left road will lead you to the savage and the elder. The savage elder will leave the attack +6 claws.
Tichondrius is also on this map and will kill some humans.
If you keep going south, at the southeast corner east of Tichondrius, you will be ambushed by a level 9 puppet (no need to cut down the trees, they will disappear by themselves). He has a jewelry with maximum magic power +150.

Battle of the Orcs: Chapter 7, your tauren troops will encounter a huge salamander named “Hungry Lizard”, derived from the previous board game “Hungry Hippo”. If you are patient, you can see It will eat a way in a large mushroom, after which it will walk into a piece of green slime, and a path will appear. There is a good item, the Lion’s Horn of Storm, which can give the hero a protective aura.

Night Elf Battle: Chapter 2, in the area where you got the first set of ballista, knock down a few trees in the northeast direction. Behind the tree, there is a Hydralisk. Let the hero come close to make it join the army.

Night Elf Battle: Chapter 5, in the cave, go as far to the right as possible after setting out, you can find skulls and bones on the ground, and on the right is a cluster of mushrooms. If you hear the priestess commenting on the brutality of the devil, you have gone too far. Use the force of nature to clear a path among the mushrooms, and you can see a path full of bones. Bring your unit in and you will enter another scene where you will encounter “the biggest panda in history” and take the initiative to attack you. He will drop a necklace of magic immunity.

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