Virtual Villagers The Lost Children Cheats

Virtual Villagers The Lost Children Cheats

Virtual Villagers The Lost Children Cheats

How To Beat The Game
Story Intro:
Once upon a time.
There was a beautiful island where lost villagers made their home. They explored their part of the island and knew every corner. Only a mysterious cave had not been fully explored. One day, two intrepid villagers ventured into the dark recesses and discovered an opening behind the thick vines! Curious, they pressed through.
Oops! Slippery rocks and a steep waterfall. And before they knew it they were carried down with the water! Falling! With a bit of luck they landed in a deep, crystal-clear pool. They were on a new part of the island: the west side of Isola! Drenched and startled, they emerged to find they were not alone. Childern. Dirty, hungry-looking children. Who are they and where were their parents?
Part 1: — Do not put the tutorial tips on unless you really don’t know how to play. —
1. Go to ‘Details’ and check all the adults for farming. [there are 3 of them]
2. Take all of the adults [3] and place them in the ocean. If an adult shakes their head, move them to a different part of the ocean to catch a fish.
3. If one of your villagers turns 14, go to ‘Part 2’. If not, keep watching your 3 adults fish.
Part 2
1. Select the 14 year-old villager and drag them to the blue rose next to the vines. They will study the rose and their healing skill will increase.
2. Now go to the right of you and drag your villager over to the purple flower. They will also study this flower and increase healing.
3. Now go below you and you will see a black flower vine. Again study this plant.
Then Go down the river and just after the vines with flowers are two small red flowers. Drag your villager here also.
4. Then go all the way to the bottom of the screen and go left till you see a orange-red flower. They will study this one as well.
5. Last, go to the top-left of the screen and study the plant next to the dry grass.
You have completed puzzle 5:Herb Mastery
After thurough investigation of the local flora, your villagers mastered the use of Isola’s indigenous herbs. Not only are healing powers improved, the variety of cooking herbs increased.

How To Beat The Game: Part 2
Part 1:
When the ocean becomes algae-infested, go to details and set all of the adlts preference’s to ‘research’ and move all the adults to the rsearch table and when you have enough tech- points, purchase level 2 farming [1000] and level 2 engineering [5000]. If you got both of these skills then go to ‘Part 2’. If not, continue researching.
Part 2:
When you have level 2 of farming and engineering, move one of your adults to the coconut tree and they will start harvesting coconuts. Then move one of your villagers [or all of them] to the stream where the rocks are. The villager [or villagers] will start building a dam. The best way to do this is to drag the villagers that are ‘untrained’ in building to the hut next-to the dam until they are trainees and then you can drag them to the dam.
You have completed puzzle 2: The Dam
Your engineers have harnessed the power of nature by building a dam and redirecting the overflow of fresh stream water to a patch of fertile soil. As a result, your villagers can farm now! The dam also drained the southeast flats and will prevent further flooding in that area.


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