Virtua Cop Cheats (SEGA)

Virtua Cop Cheats SEGA

Virtua Cop Cheats (SEGA)

You can only use the keyboard or joystick to enter the cheats, and then you can switch back to the mouse. Therefore, first set the control mode to keyboard, and set ↑↓←→ and the reload key (Reload) by yourself.


After entering the game, press and hold the reload key on the “SEGA” screen and enter ↑↓←→, press and hold the reload key on the “AM2” screen and enter ↓↑→←↑↑←→, then you will hear the sound of the reload, and then the game There will be more useful things (Ranking Mode, Mirror Mode, Freeplay, 9 Difficulty Levels, Options extra menu, Japanese Language, gun selection) (Gun Select) etc. The most useful thing is to pause the game by pressing the F3 key in the game, and then you can press the reload key to change any kind of gun, among which the bullets of the Special gun can never be finished)

Invincible mode

In the game, press the Pause button to pause, then type “BANG”, and then enter the game as invincible


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