Virtua Cop 2 cheats

Virtua Cop 2 cheats

Virtua Cop 2 cheats

New option

After defeating Kong (Boss in the first level), you will see a helicopter and shoot it. When you blow up the machine and kill Puppet Guy or other people (ultimately Boss), you will see a helicopter attacking you, shoot it down, and then go to the “Option” menu, you will see more One option->>.

Cheats mode

Open the file VCOP2.INI under the game directory and find the [GameSetting] line, then add a line below


When starting a new game, press [F6] to enter the mode setting, and two new options will appear: “Special” and “Cheat”.

Under the Special menu:

Single Click Reload: Click the mouse to reload the bullet;

Random Mode: The opponent appears randomly;

Mirror Mode: A mirror image appears in the game screen;

Big Head Mode: The character becomes a big head mode;

Under the Cheat menu:

Auto Reload: The weapon automatically reloads bullets;

Weapon Select: First press F3 to pause, then press Reload to select weapons;

Weapon Select (Special): First press F3 to pause, then press Reload to select special weapons;

Unlimited access

Under [GameSetting], set


Change to


Can be infinitely closed in the game.

Game modification cheats:

First download the latest game modifier: Click here to learn and download the latest game modifier

Master code

F6000924 C305

B6002800 0000

Unabated customs clearance

160159F8 0009

16015ABA 0009

Unabated ammunition

1601AA9E 0009

1601ADE6 0009

1601AE34 0009


16022D0A E17F

The picture is not messy

16000924 460B


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