Vigilance game cheats

Vigilance game cheats

Vigilance game cheats

Press [Enter] in the game to enter the following cheats:
*other⇒Control the enemy
*cheat⇒Invincible mode and unlimited ammo
War⇒jump higher
cd_next⇒Next track
cd_play⇒Play CD
cd_prev⇒Previous track
jzk⇒ program information
HoneyBunny⇒Program information
*thunderdome⇒Display health
*coords⇒Display current coordinates
*fps⇒Display frame rate
*maxfps⇒Display the maximum frame rate
*HoneyBunny⇒Display information
*state⇒Display the current state of the player
cd_stop⇒Stop playing CD
other⇒AI on/off
*ghost⇒through wall mode
cacto⇒through wall mode

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