Vietcong game cheats

In the game, press the “~” key to turn on the console, enter GIFTFROMPTERODON to enter the cheating mode, and then enter the following password:

  CHTHEAL  restore health
  CHTHEALTEAM  team restores health
  CHTWEAP  Obtain the designated weapon (X represents a value of 0-30)
  CHTAMMO Replenish ammunition
  CHTGRENADES obtained grenade
  CHTALLQF  quickly enter the battle
  CHT3PV <0/1> third-person view angle switch
  CHTCANNIBALS  (unknown)
  CHTKOSTEJ  (unknown)
   SHOWFPS <0/1>  display refresh rate switch
  SHOWPROF <0/1> Show other information switch

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