Velvet Assassin game cheats

First open the difficulty.cfg in the AIO directory with Notepad
[easy] and [agent] are the two difficulty levels of the corresponding game, depending on which difficulty you play, change which one

NPCDamage The damage value of the enemy attacking you here is adjusted to 0 so that you are invincible
PlayerDamage The upper damage value of your attacking enemy
SearchTime The time the enemy searched
NoiseRange sound influence range
PatrolSpeed enemy patrol speed
SneakSpeed The speed of sneaking [meaning the speed of your movement after squatting]
MorphineTime Bullet time [Time after injection] Set to 999 to have unlimited bullet time

LevelStructure.aio This file is to modify the character costume at the beginning of the game

The clothes modified here correspond to the map, so you can change which level you play

The name of the outfit is Outfit. Command: 0 Officer 1 Default outfit 2 Pajamas~

weapons.cfg is the weapon attribute modification

WeaponBaseDamage is the power of weapons
AmmoPerClip ammo quantity

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