Vampire The Masquerade – Redemption game cheats


Vampire The Masquerade – Redemption game cheats

Vampire The Masquerade – Redemption game cheats:

Open the cheats method:

Use the -console command line to start the game (eg: C:\Vampire\vampire.exe -console) to start the game.

Then press ~ in the game to open the console, and enter the following password:

effect Cheats
Turn on cheats mode god 1
Change the humanity level (only valid in multiplayer mode) humanity 0-100
Exit cheats mode god 0
Unlimited ammo freeammo
Add experience (selected role) xp [number]
Add money cheats cash [number]
Full blood (can be used after death) revive
You can cast spells without spending blood freecasting
All special abilities plus # grid addalldisciplines #
Manufactured items addthing [物品名]
Money Reduction Cheats dropcash [number]
Turn off AI ai
Open your own box vault
suicide killme
Show site information totals
Show the upgrade window advancement
Display frame framerate 1
Hidden frame framerate 0
Set the maximum number of frames per second maxfps [framerate]
Transformation (for example, #为bat becomes a bat) shapeshift #
Deformation returned to normal shapeshift
Freeze the action, but you can move around freeze
Sort inventory items; vault can also be used pack
position whereis
Self-poisoned poisonme
Body fixation stakme
sick diseaseme
Hurt yourself damage me
Make the protagonist run wild frenzyme
Pause the game pause
Continue the game resume
Show closing caption endgame
Attack such as fire, gas emit #
Jump off such as “Jump Monastery2” or “Jump Monastery2 1” jump [关卡名]
unknown aitrace
unknown particles
unknown heads
unknown loadpath
unknown savepath
unknown say
unknown statustest
unknown changescene
unknown advance
unknown changechronicle
unknown getcls
unknown combatmessages
unknown scaleme
unknown embraceme
unknown *aura
unknown camtest
unknown setsoak
unknown getchronflag
unknown setchronflag
unknown clearchronflag
unknown netstat
unknown read
Got the bullet? shell
unknown roomtype
unknown autoswitchtest
unknown enemycount
unknown throwgib
unknown setdetect
unknown sethide
unknown hands
unknown stcmd
Set up team members team
unknown maxopenedlocs
unknown noitemstatchecks


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