Urban Chaos game cheats

Urban Chaos game cheats

Urban Chaos game cheats

Press the [F9] key on the game screen, enter BANGUNSNOTGAMES to start the secret

(The secret technique should be invincible the first time you activate it, but sometimes it will be invalid. Just press [F12] to get the recovery item, but you can’t touch the recovery item again or it will become invalid.)

Just press the following buttons:

Hotkey ⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Function
E⇒Give the protagonist a car
G⇒Go some distance
I⇒Display pedestrian walking range
J⇒Display coordinates
L⇒produce bright light
P ⇒ enemy vision
Q⇒Show car path
R⇒A gunpowder barrel appears
W⇒Rain marks appear
[⇒Enemy Vision
]⇒Enemy Vision
;⇒Slow motion
‘⇒Pause action
/⇒Stealth debugging
[Ctrl]⇒Display object data
[F3]⇒Leave the game
[F11]⇒Cloud effect
[F12]⇒ Give the protagonist weapons and supplies
[Keypad 3]⇒Orange mist
[Keypad 5]⇒Add game effects
[Keypad 7]⇒Select game effect
More cheats

The following secret skills need to be input by pressing [F9]:

BOO ⇒ series explosion
CRINKLES⇒Ripple effect
DARCI⇒Control the protagonist D’arci
ROPER⇒Control the protagonist Roper
FADE #⇒Set the fog layer#
WORLD⇒Select music
AMBIENT # # #⇒Set the ambient light (R, G, B)
WIN⇒Pass directly
LOSE⇒Mission failed
CCTV⇒All objects become fluorescent
TELW #⇒ jump to # location
TELS S⇒Show landmarks on the map
TELR⇒Back to navigation point

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