Ultimate Spider-Man Game Cheats (PS2)

Pause during the game, enter the controller set-up menu and enter:

All comics: left left right left up left left down

All characters: right down right down left up left right

All landmarks: up right down left down up right left

All concept images: Down Down Down Up Down Up Left Left

Complete 90 city events, collect 90 Tokens and complete 48 Combat Tour to activate Arachnoman

Complete 75 city events, collect 75 Tokens and complete 32 Combat Tour to activate Parker Hoodie

Complete 30 city events and collect 30 Tokens to activate Spidey Wrestling

Complete 50 city events, collect 50 Tokens and enter the top four in the Johnny Storm race to activate Peter Parker

Complete 100 city events, collect all Tokens and complete all Combat Tour to activate Symbiote Spider-Man and complete all story missions to activate Switch Hero Option and Venom Races

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