Ultima 9 Ascension game cheats

Ultima 9 Ascension game cheats

Ultima 9 Ascension game cheats

Note: The following passwords may cause a crash (saying by the game maker):

Find the default.kmp file in the game directory, open it with a text editing tool such as WordPad, and add the following commands under [Cheat Commands]:

alt+shift+i = toggle_avatar_invulnerable

alt+shift+l = toggle_avatar_fly

Cheats can be used during the game

alt+shift+i = Saint invincible

alt+shift+l = saint flying

In this way, you can press (alt+shift+i and alt+shift+l) to activate the corresponding cheats in the game. There are some cheats below, which can be added to the game as shown above:











When you upgrade to version 1.07 or higher, you can also add the following parameters to the default.kmp file:






Monster ignores you

Enable the backpack (press B), so that when the backpack is opened, the monsters will ignore you, and you can slash them horizontally and vertically as you wish. Note: In order not to block your view of the backpack, you should drag it to the edge of the screen.

Spells, herbs

There are eight levels of spells, four for each level, for a total of thirty-two types. Each spell requires at least one type of medicinal material to match its scroll. It can only be used after the Pentagram has performed a bind spell.

There are eight kinds of medicinal materials. Because the space of backpacks and bags is very limited, players often have bags full of suffering in the middle and late game. We provide a special method here. Players only need to bring one of each kind of medicinal material, and no longer need it. Shanxiahai is looking for medicine or spending money to buy medicinal materials.

Perform the binding ritual in the Pentagram Array. After placing the required medicinal materials and scrolls according to the law, after lighting the candle, the player will be asked to enter the spell spell. At this time, first use the cursor to point to the medicinal materials and scroll, and press the left mouse button to click to Move the thing to the player, wait until the medicinal materials and scrolls are all picked up, and then enter the spell. Later, you will find that the spell has been successfully memorized, but the scrolls and medicinal materials have not been consumed at all, so there is no need to worry about the consumption of medicinal materials.

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