Ultima 8 Pagan game cheats

Ultima 8 Pagan game cheats

Ultima 8 Pagan game cheats

In the subdirectory of GAMEDAT in the game software, edit the file AVATAR.DAT, modify the DISP 0042 to 00 43 of SECT 0000, change 00 00 to 01 01, and then enter the game, press Ctrl+F1 to display the cheat instructions, among which are commonly used Have:

Shift+F1⇒Choose a monster to fight;
Shift+F2⇒Weapons on the ground are for selection
Shift+F3⇒A bomb appears;
Shift+F5⇒All floor armors are available for selection;
F7⇒Change the attributes of the Avatar.
Press the F key in the game, and you will find that the world is actually made up of countless rectangles. They are the same in essence except for their different appearance. Small items in the game can be dragged with the left mouse button. After adding the cheats, the original restriction that you must be close to the object to be dragged has been removed. Now you can drag the Avatar around or drag the Avatar over on the screen. In this way, you can drag difficult enemies to the side to connect. Going in the abyss, on a high platform, or behind you can allow Avatar to cross the more sad obstacles, and when you encounter a locked door, you can remove the door panel.

With the left mouse button on the saint, the general menu will appear, including:

BLOW UP!⇒Blow up;
CALL GUARDS ⇒ tell the soldiers to kill themselves;
DEMO⇒Skip directly to the place where several events of the game occurred;
END GAME ⇒ Obtain items for completing the game;
INFORMATION⇒Display current coordinates;
KEY⇒Get the corresponding key;
KILL ME ⇒ immediately causes the death of any specified life form, but some undead monsters still do not die;
SPELL BOOK⇒You can directly use various spells you can learn in the game,
And there is no need for medicinal materials and herbs needed to cast spells,
It does not consume magic points, but when you are tested in Vulcan Village, you cannot use this cheat book to replace it;
TIME⇒Display current time and total time;
Cheats two

After getting the survival magic, put the arrow on the head of AVATAR, press the mouse, a LIST will appear, and the following cheats can be used:

Ctrl+F1⇒Key usage help;
Shift+F1⇒Select a monster to accompany the player;
Shift+F2⇒Choose weapons by yourself;
Shift+F3⇒I can take the ground bomb;
Shift+F4⇒Invincible switch;
Shift+F5⇒Animation switch.

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