Ultima 7 The Black Gate game cheats

Ultima 7 The Black Gate game cheats

Ultima 7 The Black Gate game cheats

Start the game with ULTIMA7 ABCD [Alt+255] (that is, hold down the Alt key, and then press the number keys 2, 5, and 5 respectively) to start the game, and then press the following keys in the game to get the corresponding cheats:

F2⇒Enter console mode;
F3⇒ can enter the special map mode;
F5⇒To cast a spell, enter the spell number first, then choose the caster, and finally choose the target;
Alt+1⇒Sound effect test mode;
Alt+4⇒After pressing, select any member of the team to remove all the equipment on his body.
ENDGAME ereiamjh⇒Watch the ending animation.
Night activity

The game is affected by the sunrise and sunset, and you can no longer move around after dark. You can wait for the sunrise, then light the torch, and then extinguish the torch (double-click the mouse), and then you can see clearly in the night by just carrying the torch on your body.

Instant explosion

Change INTRO.EXE to INTRO.SEG, change ENDGAME.EXE to INTRO.EXE and start the game to see the end screen.

Get hard-to-get items

In the original Trinsic, there is a haunted house at the bottom left of the city. Move all the wooden boxes out of the house, but do not open it. Then go to other houses or shops, move the wooden boxes to the haunted house, and stack them into a ladder until The saint can go up to the ceiling, and when you reach the ceiling, you can get the Cobra Mission’s nirvana to zoom in and out, and see a portal through which you can go anywhere and the ending screen. Note that the boxes cannot be seen by the guards, and the wooden boxes of the stacked ladder cannot be the ones that were originally moved out of the haunted house.

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