Ultima 6 The False Prophet Game Cheats

Ultima 6 The False Prophet Game Cheats

Ultima 6 The False Prophet Game Cheats

In the game, first say Spam to my companion Iolo three times, and then say Humbug again, and some cheat menus will appear.

Get Items⇒Any items can be obtained
Set Flags⇒Unknown
View NPCs⇒All NPC information can be viewed
Edit Party⇒Can increase or decrease player attributes
Edit Player⇒Edit role
Increase the attributes of yourself and your partner to the maximum (30) through the above secret instructions, or increase the level and experience to the maximum.

Unlimited load

The game character can only carry a small amount of items with a small load. A partner can hold a bag, and then move the items he wants to carry into the bag with the Move command, and then take it out when used. Players can move Lord British into the belt, drop to the ground after the battle, and say Heal to him to fill up the team’s physical strength.

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