ufo:aftermath game cheats

First find “config.cfg” in the game installation directory, and then open this file with Windows Notepad or other editing software. Add a line of commands inside:

  KEY “cheats” BOOL TRUE

   Note: If you can’t find the file, you need to use related tools to generate one.

   Then enter the game, press the “Shift” and “~” keys to call out the console, enter:

quickvictory-mission victory
quicklose-task failed
destroyobj-destroy the target
visibility-display the visible area
hitpoints-show hint content
allplans-show roads
enemies-show enemies
unitsahidden-penetrating display
quickabsolutevictory-get mission reward items
canparalyse-eliminate paralysis effect
cancontrol-eliminate mind control
flare-Illuminate surrounding players
scenemode-enable loop texture

   In the strategic perspective:

ALLITEMS-get all weapons
HIREUNIT-Join new members
FINISHRD-Complete research

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