UberSoldier game cheats

UberSoldier game cheats

UberSoldier game cheats

Turn on cheats mode:

Find the config.ini file in the game folder (T-TIMEUberSoldierRun), open it and add a line at the bottom:

bindc +DIK_GRAVE (console_showhide)

Then save and re-enter the game

Then press ~ in the game to open the console, enter sv_cheats 1 to open the cheats mode

Game cheats:

Press ~ in the game to enter the following cheats to get the corresponding effect

game_godmode 1⇒Invincible mode
g_fly 1 ⇒ flight mode
g_noclip 1 ⇒ through wall mode
addammo all⇒All weapons and ammunition are full
addwpn ?⇒Listing 1-19
(5 is a grenade, 19 is a flamethrower)
cl_showinfo 0⇒Turn off debugging information
cl_showinfo 1⇒Enable debugging information
g_developer 1⇒Enter development capital mode
g_developer 0⇒Exit developer mode
g_noclip 0⇒Exit through wall mode
damage player⇒Blood damage effect: damage player +10
Increase blood effect: damage player -10
g_fly 0⇒Exit flight mode
addwpn ⇒ make specified weapons
exit⇒Exit the game
game_godmode 0⇒Exit invincible mode
map⇒Load specified map
cl_drawfps 1⇒Display frame
cl_drawfps 0⇒Hide posts
save⇒Save the game as a specified file name
load⇒Load game save

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