Tzar the Burden of the Crown game cheats

Tzar the Burden of the Crown game cheats 2

Tzar the Burden of the Crown game cheats

Press [Enter] in the game and press Enter to confirm to get the corresponding effect

Cheats Effect
hmprettypleasewithsugarontop Turn on cheats in multiplayer mode
hmdvaleva 10,000 per resource
hmpetleva 50,000 per resource
hmusurp Command enemy units or buildings
hmischeater View players using cheats
hmnotech All technologies
hmgive Increase by 1000 gold coins
hmcont Increase the life of selected units
hmbuildozer Fast construction
hmhunt Kill all animals on the map
hmnopop Population increased to 1,000
hmnofog Remove the fog of war
hmdiscover Remove specified unit
hmresign failure
hmreveal Show the entire map
hmspy Spy perspective
hmgod The selected unit is invincible
hmtime <1-20> Set the time of day
hmtimer Show game time
hmthreads View map coordinates
hmshowgrid View map network
hmmap Show current map name
hmspawn Summoning unit
hmdemo Start recording
hmnext Skip to the next level

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