Tyranny game cheats


First press ~ and then enter iroll20s to turn on cheating and enter the following code:
FreeRecipesToggle-Free upgrade to build items (this is more important)


HealParty-The whole team adds blood UnlockAll-The map lock is fully unlocked unlockallmaps-The world map is fully opened addallcompanions-All companions are added immediately (this is a bit weird) Rest-Camp rest Give Money Player X-Give money money money money money X AddExperience X -Each team member increases experience XAddExperienceToLevel X-Each team member increases experience to level X

Increase character skills: used in the game (invalid when creating characters and conquering), skill space player space skill name space points. For example: skill player lore 200. Then lore reached 200.

Increase character attributes: used in the game, attributescore player attribute value. For example: attributescore player might 30. Then the power will be 30. Note the spaces in between.

Increase money: use in the game, giveplayermoney amount. Example: giveplayermoney 9999. Only there is a space between money and 9999.

Faction reputation setting: reputationset + direction + influence + value (can be positive or negative), example: reputationsethostile ScarletChorus -1, pay attention to the space before and after scarletchorus.

Leadership skill tree code:

AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Leadership_ApplyTheLash

AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Leadership_AuraOfCommand

AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Leadership_CallToBattle

AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Leadership_RefusePain

AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Leadership_Resurgence

AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Leadership_Undying

AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Leadership_SwapPositions

Flexible skill tree code:

AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Agility_Charge

AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Agility_Disarm

AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Agility_LeapingKick

AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Agility_Unfettered

AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Agility_WhirlwindStrike

AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Agility_FlurryOfBlows

AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Agility_LegSweep

AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Agility_Slice

Part of the equipment code (full artifact):

GiveItemWithQuality ART_Bronze_Armor_CommandersPlate Superior

GiveItemWithQuality ART_Cloth_Armor_HeirarchsRobes Superior

GiveItemWithQuality ART_Leather_Boots_NightwalkersBoots Superior

GiveItemWithQuality ART_Iron_Gloves_BindingOfShadows Superior

GiveItemWithQuality ART_Iron_GloveS_BindingOfShadowsPair Superior

GiveItemWithQuality ART_Leather_GLOVE_AlchemistsGloves Superior

GiveItemWithQuality ART_Bronze_HelmOfTheFirstRegent Superior

GiveItemWithQuality ART_Cloth_HELM_FaceOfJudgment Superior

GiveItemWithQuality ART_Steel_HELM_MagebaneHelm Superior

GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_1H_OBS_Axe_Deathbringer Superior

GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_1H_IR_Dagger_HeartsBlood Superior

GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_1H_BR_Scepter_FinalScream Superior

GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_SHLD_AzureShield Superior

GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_SHLD_TheBaneward Superior

GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_1H_BR_Spear_Sunlance Superior

GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_1H_BR_Sword_Dauntless Superior

GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_1H_IR_Sword_Snowfang Superior

GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_OBS_Axe_Deathbringer Superior

GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_ST_Sword_Stormcaller Superior

GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_IR_Mace_Peacemaker Superior

GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_SP_BOW_Gravebow Superior

GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_BR_STF_StaffOfHours Superior

GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_IR_STF_StaffOfCairnFinesse Superior

GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_IR_STF_StaffOfCairnMight Superior

GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_IR_STF_StaffOfCairnQuickness Superior

GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_IR_STF_StaffOfCairnResolve Superior

GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_IR_STF_StaffOfCairnVitality Superior

GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_IR_STF_StaffOfCairnWits Superior

giveitemwithquality WPN_ART_2H_BR_Hammer_HammerOfSunder Superior

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