Two Worlds 2 game cheats

Turn on cheats mode

Press ~ in the game to open the console, enter TwoWorldsCheats 1 to open the cheats mode

Game cheats

After opening the cheats mode, press ~ to input the following cheats and press Enter to confirm to get the corresponding effect:

1. # in the cheats represents any number, please replace it.

2. The following cheats are case sensitive and can be copied directly.

3. Using cheats may result in failure to obtain achievements.

Cheats function
AddGold # increase money
AddExperiencePoints # Increase experience points
AddParamPoints # Add parameter points
AddSkillPoints # Increase skill points
ec.dbg rep all tribes reputation plus 1
ec.dbg iamcheater + 1.000 all parameter points
ec.dbg levelup upgrade
ec.dbg addskillpoints to increase skill points
ec.dbg skills
create Teleport_Activator get teleporter
create Lockpick Get the unlock tool
Jump2 teleport to the mouse area
ResetFog Show all map
time # Set the time (range 0-256)
kill kill the enemy in the perspective
Engine.Shadows 0 or 1 On/Off Shadow effect (1 is on, 0 is off)
Engine.HDR 0 or 1 On/Off HDR (1 is on, 0 is off)

Task item

After opening the cheats mode, press ~ to input the following cheats and press Enter to confirm to get the corresponding effect:

Cheats   function

create the_taint Sprosse der Heimsuchung
create orc_armour Orc camouflage armor
create Qitem_008 Translate Item
create Qitem_009 Grom totem
create Qitem_012 Translate Item
create Qitem_013 Translate Item
create Qitem_015 Translate Item
create Qitem_028 Translate Item
create Qitem_031 The key to the grave of the king
create Qitem_032 Satrius Crown
create Qitem_038 Insect egg
create Qitem_040 Large pack of food
create Qitem_042 Small pack of food
create Qitem_045 Anti-Taint Inspection Device
create Qitem_051 Key to the caves of Tharbakin
create Qitem_061 Ancient key of the dwarves
create Qitem_063 Cure
create Qitem_070 A Dwarven Contraption
create Qitem_071 Translate Item
create Qitem_072 Report of the Excavations
create Qitem_073 Key – Excavations
create Qitem_096 Merchants’ Association Package
create Qitem_104 Underpants
create Qitem_111 Letter
create Qitem_112 Whiskey
create Qitem_128 Necrowonder against Orcs
create Qitem_136 Depoisoner
create Qitem_146 Order for armor
create Qitem_154 Summon Spider Figurine
create Qitem_157 Arrows for Rigwell
create Qitem_161 Beautiful flower
create Qitem_165 Love Potion
create Qitem_174 Wilcor’s Braid
create Qitem_175 Catapult trigger
create Qitem_181 Compass
create Qitem_191 Moon Eye crystal
create Qitem_204 Throglin Statue
create Qitem_214 Falsification
create Qitem_221 Moonshine
create Qitem_225 Archmage Earth Staff
create Qitem_234 Family ring
create Qitem_241 Hangman’s Rope
create Qitem_242 Voodoo doll
create Qitem_255 Engagement ring
create Qitem_264 Magical mirror
create Qitem_270 Red dress
create Qitem_271 Key to the temple in Ashos
create Qitem_272 Blacksmith’s Will
create Qitem_273 The mayor’s medicine
create Qitem_278 Magic Dust
create Qitem_286 Letters of the poet
create Qitem_292 Soldier armor
create Qitem_295 Poison
create Qitem_296 Medal
create Qitem_303 Necklace of the wife
create Qitem_304 Family heirloom piece
create Qitem_353 Necromancer poison

Alchemy related

After opening the cheats mode, press ~ to input the following cheats and press Enter to confirm to get the corresponding effect:

Cheats    function

ing_01 Yellowroot
ing_02 Hemlock
ing_03 Screama Badilla
ing_04 Bloatroot
ing_05 Hot Rot
ing_06 Spurge
ing_07 Ostrich Plumes
ing_08 Blue Eye
ing_09 Adder Brother
ing_10 False Shoes
ing_11 Flagelle
ing_12 Lavender
ing_13 Tongues
ing_14 Paturin
ing_15 Swordleaf
ing_16 Traveller’s Joy
ing_17 Centaurium
ing_18 Saffron
ing_19 Northern Frostroot
ing_20 Forest Burnhand
ing_21 Foxglove
ing_22 Diptame
ing_23 Eagleclaw
ing_24 Friend to Foe
ing_25 Anemone
ing_26 Might of Nine
ing_27 Mountain Breed
ing_28 Aconite
ing_29 Angelica
ing_30 Arborusia
ing_31 Rabbit Bladder
ing_32 Beaver Fat
ing_33 Goose Liver
ing_34 Unicorn Horn
ing_35 Dodo Feather
ing_36 Viper Poison Glands
ing_37 Grass Snake Tongue
ing_38 Rattle Snake Rattle
ing_39 Foodball
ing_40 Pearl
ing_41 Spider Gland
ing_42 Scorpion Poison Gland
ing_43 Trachidis Egg
ing_44 Dragon Scale
ing_45 Wolf Heart
ing_46 Bear Claw
ing_47 Boar Tusk
ing_48 Wyvern Lacrimal Gland
ing_49 Ripper Muscle
ing_50 Zombie Thyroid
ing_51 Werewolf Spinal Core
ing_52 Skeleton Bone Marrow
ing_53 Ghoul Brain
ing_54 Demon Eye
ing_55 Winged Demon Eye
ing_56 Headless Heart
ing_57 Earth Elemental Crystal
ing_58 Wing Membrane
ing_59 Meat
ing_60 Fox Liver
ing_61 Sulfur
ing_62 Salt Crystal
ing_63 Quartz Crystal
ing_64 Garnet stone
ing_65 Chalk stone
ing_66 Amber
ing_67 Diamant
ing_68 Rubin
ing_69 Opal
ing_70 Azurit
ing_71 Blood Stone
ing_72 Magnesite
ing_73 Sand Rose
ing_74 Glowing Earth
ing_75 Byrill
ing_76 Topas
ing_77 Silver
ing_78 Yellowroot (grene)
ing_79 Yellowroot (red)
ing_80 Yellowroot (blue)


After opening the cheats mode, press ~ to input the following cheats and press Enter to confirm to get the corresponding effect:

Magic potion

Cheats function
create potion_mana_01 little blue
create potion_mana_02 medium blue
create potion_mana_03 big blue
create potion_mana_03 super
create potion_mana_03 max
Life potion

Cheats function
create potion_healing_01 Xiao Hong
create potion_healing_02 in red
create potion_healing_03 red
create potion_healing_04 super
create potion_healing_05 max


After opening the cheats mode, press ~ to input the following cheats and press Enter to confirm to get the corresponding effect:

Cheats function
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_metal 9999 Iron armor material
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_steel 9999 Ironwork material
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_leather 9999 leather material
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_fabric 9999 cloth material
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_chainmail 9999 Chain armor material
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_wood 9999 wood material
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_fire 9999 Fire staff material
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_necro 9999 Poison staff material
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_air 9999 Wind staff material
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_earth 9999 Ghost staff material
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_water 9999 Water system staff material

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