Turok game cheats

Create a new character file in the game and exit

Find the :\Touchstone\Turok\TurokGame\Config folder

TurokInput.ini file

Find [Engine.Console]


Change none to a button like tab, open the console in the game

Function God mode god
Flight mode fly
Disable flight mode etheral or walk
Ammo for all weapons allammo
All weapons allweapons
All weapons, ammo and 100 adrenaline loaded

TUROK gun bullet modification

x:\Program Files\Touchstone\Turok\TurokGame\Config


turokweap prefix = all firearms

xxx = weapon name

for example



;;; Ammo
mMaxClipAmmo=20 <~ How many bullets are in the gun
mMaxClipAltAmmo=10 <~ how many clips to pick up
mAmmoPoolPickupCount=5000 <~ number of bullets

++ damage If it is changed, it will be compromised by the bot. It is suggested to change it.
You are free to decide

;;; damage

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