Turok 2 Seeds of Evil game cheats

Turok 2 Seeds of Evil game cheats

Turok 2 Seeds of Evil game cheats

Go to the Enter Cheat interface and enter one of the following codes. If the code you entered is correct, the cheats will be displayed on the screen.
Then, select the Cheats option and set the code you want to enable. Cheats can be saved.
TROMPEM⇒Big Head and Feet Mode
BIGBADNOODLE⇒Big head mode
HELLOSTICKY⇒The enemy becomes thinner
LILLIPUTIAN ⇒ villain mode
PICASSO⇒Pen and ink mode
WIZARDOFOZ⇒The picture is covered with fantastic camouflage
YOQUIEROJUAN⇒Juan-style cheating
JANESSPECIALWORLD⇒Jane-style cheating
LEGOMANIAC⇒Zach attack mode
OBLIVIONISOUTTHERE⇒All cheats are activated

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