Turmoil game unlimited money modification cheats

Turmoil game unlimited money modification cheats

Turmoil game unlimited money modification cheats

Save unlimited money:
1. Enter the game archive directory C:Users<Username>AppDataLocalTurmoilSteam and find the archive turmoil_campaign_save.json and open it with Notepad.
2. Find
“diamonds”: 0, “stocks”: 0, “money”: 123.725731
The front is diamonds and stocks, we change the money to 888888, and the latter value does not care about it:
“diamonds”: 88, “stocks”: 0, “money”: 888888.725731
3. Change and save the turmoil_campaign_save.json file.

4. Open the game and find that the money has been modified.

fail to edit:

If you find that the modification fails after entering the game, you can try to modify the file turmoil_campaign_save.json to read-only mode, and check the effect after entering the game. Then cancel the read-only attribute of turmoil_campaign_save.json and play the game normally.

2 bugs:
1. The teaching level. The end of the teaching level is different from the following levels. You need to manually click the button (according to the prompt at the end) to end, so you don’t click, wait until the carriage continues to extract oil, and then click At the end, it will be about 6000 yuan.

2. At each level, if you find uncomfortable during the oil extraction process, you will be forced to close the game, ALT+F4, re-enter the game and return to the auction land of the level, you can replay


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